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Personal political agendas have undermined national security and failed the country for far too long. We the People demand change and a righting of the ship. We require methods and assurances that failed politics can no longer abscond with our wealth while We the People govern the legislative process by accepting or rejecting new legislation. 


At Petition Watch, we dissect the discourse of broken politics with data science and common sense. We analyze the issues with a clear objective in mind before research into the problem set(s) and any possible remediation.  When ready, we formulate, write and present solutions through Petitions to our readers for endorsement.  When complete, these petitions are then delivered electronically and in printed format to appropriate State and Federal representatives for official responses, but there is more!


Obtaining a response in support or opposition of a petitions is just part of the goal. What it tells us more clearly is with whom we can trust with our vote.            


We the People


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We are sure that your product, service or event has plenty of advantages. Tell about them.

Truth in Spending


A long overdue piece of legislation, after all, it's tax payers money runaway governance is spending!

Term Limits


The birthplace of political integrity that has been avoided by those with a conflict of interest to it's passing.

Peoples Chamber


Engaging We the People as Administrators of our future! The way it was meant to be! 

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